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Real Alternative 1.90
on 10 October 2008 , reviewed by: kyosuke01

# 1

It's small and fast and plays .rm files on my xp system; what more could I ask?

I agree with comment 22 Apr 2006 | Written by: Graham, that after clicking Stop, there's no way to Play other than closing RA and clicking the filename in Explorer. A pain in the ass and so noticeable it should have been spotted immediately by the developer and fixed. Havent tried any previous versions so don't know if this bug occurred in any.

Havent tried the Mozilla/Firefox plugin.

I'm GLAD this app UNINSTALLS Real Player, which was installed on my machine by the vendor.




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MPC-BE Portable Works Great.....Odd size exe, now Bright clear videos. Thanx
ya lo use antes, buenisimo...
The best subtitle encoding program. broken literary every time but still export best video quality.
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