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PowerDVD 9.0.2115
on 24 September 2009 , reviewed by: Ross Brisbane

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There has been a lot said about certain players and there decoder quality.

PowerDVD 9 decoder performs better then Total Media 3.5 and slightly better then WinDVD 8

Before I had a projector with 1920 * 1080p panel I would dispute the differences between Total Media 3.5 and PowerDVD 9. Both have inbuilt upscale technologies and are true HD MPEG decoders (Blu Ray)

Well I tested the DVD upscaling of both to a 120" screen size via the 1080p projector.

Now were PowerDVD 8, WinDVD 8, Total Media 3.5 and PowerDVD 9

The results for HD upscale of DVD were in my conderation given figure out ten for clarity, authentic HD look and feel, Sharpness without inducting too much artifact and using a muitple collection of DVD recent releases. These are 576i PAL based DVD which is worth a mention.

PowerDVD 8 - very average, fuzzy and soft. 6/10
WinDVD 8 - very good with sharpness. 7/10
Total Media 3.5 - DREADFUL HD upscale 3.5/10
PowerDVD 9 - STUNNING upscale. DVD actually can be mistaken for HD Blu Ray at times

PowerDVD 9





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Can I get a uninstall option? I'm tryna install another one and it keeps saying "uninstall the [previous one]" ...
This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
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