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DVD43 4.6.0
on 11 March 2010 , reviewed by: Deb

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I have used DVD43 for years along with DVD Copy Pro. It was prefect. Once I purchased my computer with Vista 64 bit, nothing works. I have tried anydvd,dvdfab, dvdsmith with no luck. Dvd43 was so easy to use, why don't the authors upgrade so it is 64 bit compatible. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what program to use that is not only 64 bit compatible but also works with DVD Copy Pro?

I am running Windows 7 64bit on a new lap top. Although I get a message everytime I boot up with DVD43 saying it wont work on a 64 bit machine, IT HAS WORKED SO FAR. I am thinking of changing the registry so the message will go away!!!! Then I would only get it when I actually load DVD43

on 16 Jan 2012 , by Ray




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