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Great player, have been a big fan of it since they have DXVA support Win XP which VLC didn't.


I fully agree with you, it has been for a long time the official Sourceforge site haven't cared to update, it's truly rotten!!!
The guys who are pushing it forward have the latest version at:
http://www.xvidvideo .ru/media-player-classic-home-cinema-x86-x64/

An that's the place from where I DL all my versions since a year back, the Official Sourceforge page haven't updated for single damn version for nearly a year until this spring, but now again ABANDONED for couple of months, I suggest someone else take it over if they can't keep up the latest version, or at least they could provide a link to xvidvideo .ru so people can get the latest updates!




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Thank you! Worked fine!
MPC-BE BEST YET! All formats Play back at High Quality. Same Easy functionality. Great Software....
Sono passati circa due mesi dalla mia ultima recensione ma il risultato รจ sempre lo stesso. Non riesco a capire ...
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