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The people who says its great are prolly the people who works for them (the realtek idiots).Falsely promoting their product.

My computer crashes everytime cuz of it! Until a very good quality audio comes out and provides it for the next 20yrs...

I would recommend everyone in the world to use it and support them!

I am quite surprised, Realtek is by far the EASIEST and most SIMPLE audio solution out there, and even their Gigabit LAN solutions are far better than nVidia for on board.

If you didnt have Realtek onboard, you know what you would end up with, right??? Also, if you havent used computers for a long time, I could see running into issues, because there are a plethora of hardware designs, software, manufacturers, ETC.

It is not up to Realtek. Motherboard manufacturers implement the Realtek offerings. Each is has certain capabilities and capacities and the mobo manufacturer decides what to use and offer. Any late ALC8xx series and ALC89x series are literally on par with most dedicated sound cards out there. Also to those complaining, do research instead of complaining so you know how to configure and optimize for YOUR environment.

Almost every PC is unique in terms of hardware, software and OS, there are millions of hardwaresoftware combinations alone. But, I have read far too many problems on here, that I immediately knew the answer to, yes, for 20+ year PC hardwaresoftware veterans any problem involving Realtek or any onboard audio hardware or software issue should be simple.

Unless the mobo is faulty, the drivers are so basic and function does not need a complex driver, theres just not much that CAN go wrong besides user error and lack of experience knowing how to set up Realtek onboard properly.

Jake, TheJakeyl88hot

on 11 Mar 2015 , by Jake




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Can I get a uninstall option? I'm tryna install another one and it keeps saying "uninstall the [previous one]" ...
This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
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