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Real Alternative 2.0.2
on 14 July 2011 , reviewed by: screwrealplayer

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First, excellent program.

Second, for those who can't select RealMedia core components when installing v2.0.2:

If your system is 64-bit, you installed RealPlayer and then uninstalled it. Just like Steve said in the previous post, RealPlayer left some registry entries so that Real Alternative will be blocked.

I used Process Monitor to see which registry entries are checked when installing Real Alternative 2.0.2, there is only one registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\RealPlayer 12.0

RealPlayer seems forget to delete the WoW64 uninstall registry key. Just delete the "RealPlayer 12.0" key, and Real Alternative 2.0.2 will function correctly.

(Real Alternative actually also checked "RealPlayer 6.0" an "RealPlayer 10.5".)

So there is no need to use a registry cleaner like Free Window Registry Repair (I don't mean Free Window Registry Repair is not good, just because there will be hundreds of errors after scanning, I don't know whether all of them can be deleted.)

Installing Real Alternative 1.90 is another solution, but v2.0.2 has a much better performance, so personally I don't recommend it.

BTW, RealPlayer is the worst software I've used. After installing RealPlayer, you can't use other player to play .rmvb files, there will be no audio. (There is a "cook.dll" trick to solve this problem.)

What "surprising" me most is that when RealPlayer is playing .rmvb file, the video is so pixelated, just like a piece of sh*t.

Not to mention the bad UI design and the commercials on it.

It took me a whole afternoon to figure out the solution of the problem. I've installed and unistalled RealPlayer, K-Lite Mega/x64, Real Alternative several times before I found that Real Alternative DIDN'T select the RealMedia core components when installing...

And I swear I will never ever install and use RealPlayer again, it's like a nightmare.

what is the cook.dll trick? I need to use it to view rm movies with audio, and google isnt coming up with anything.

on 27 Nov 2011 , by avatar




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