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Real Alternative 2.0.2
on 14 August 2011 , reviewed by: kojith

# 1

the only problem i have is the one with the previous real player. how can i find the registry key, and how can i get rid of the 'rpshell.ddl' file in there, as it's refusing to let me delete it

1) Install ubuntu on to a USB flash drive (1G minimum size) by downloading the ubuntu .ISO file from

2) Boot off the USB drive. Just boot, DONT click on the install icon that appears on the desktop

3) Under the Places drop menu you should see your HDD. *Traverse to the file and delete it. Ubuntu shouldnt a damn about the attribute bits that windows has set on the file to prevent it from being deleted.

4) After deletion, remove USB drive and reset computer to get back to Windows.

on 26 Aug 2011 , by qwe




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