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on 24 March 2012 , reviewed by: Dead Silence

# 1

Just to add some word to "pissed dued" stupid comments .

First of all KMPlayer is one of the most powerful freeware video players I've seen. The most advanced multimedia player available.

VLC is crapware compared to KMPlayer, doesn't have a half of options that KMPlayer has.

Of course , you can encounter in freeware's ask toolbars ,babylon toolbars and others, most of free software has it, and in KMPlayer setup you can DECLINE when you are asked to install such toolbars.
Of course you can associate all files to be played with KMPlayer or none of them, "pissed dued"...

READ BEFORE YOU CLICK NEXT, setup is offering options for everything that an average user needs.




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Funciona perfeitamente. Obrigado.
Absolute real software. thank you so much. done my work within a minute. thanks.
This is still in early development but I now use MPC renderer instead of madVR for watching HDR.
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