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on 20 June 2014 , reviewed by: H4rDw4rE

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Just piece of crap after update to latest version. Can not remove stupid adds, toolbars and other s..t.

Just stick with older version and never update.

Once was best app, now it is just adware...

To remove adds & privacy consent, simply disable this in advanced options:
- offers.left_rail_offer_enabled- offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled- gui.show_plus_upsell- bt.enable_pulse- gui.show_notorrents_node- offers.content_offer_autoexec- offers.cookies.customized_adsNow, your GUI is totally clean.

on 20 Mar 2021 , by TofVW




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Can I get a uninstall option? I'm tryna install another one and it keeps saying "uninstall the [previous one]" ...
This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
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