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DVDFab beta
on 12 January 2017 , reviewed by: bovirus

# 1

I didn't understand the claims.
With DVDFab 9.x710.x I can copy many of my DVD/Blu-tray.

Of course for the latest movies you can have some problem in first step, but after a short time DVDFab release new version with new option for copy operation.
If someone have a problem can post (but you have to post all details - not just I cannot copy...) in the DVDFab support forum.

The lifetime it's a real Lifetime option. I didn't understand where is the problem.

If you have a problem don't report generic (without details) claims.
report with details what's your problem and what you expecting.




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It can open the file, but the loading speed is very slow. Can't wait for a newer version.
Great!! Keep this website & Great development for free and Keep Alive.
Recently MPC-BE has been causing recent Nvidia display driver to crash/restart when run with a video. Hopefully that ...
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