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DVD43 3.9.0
on 05 October 2006 , reviewed by: scott

# 1

Hope this helps, With dvd43,3.9.0 it`s very tempermental, and conflicts with other program`s, I have both dvd43,3.9.0 and Region+cssfree and have found they conflict each other at times,so i use one or the other or both,No movie is fool proof, I`ve waisted alot of disc`s to get to this knowledge,i use sony dvd-r, or memorex dvd-r,because we don`t have a big selection here,I use one click dvd copy,If i have trouble i switch to nero7ultra,I`m having good luck with this method, 9 out of 10 work,So far i`ve found it`s just conflict`s between program`s,, I`m useing windows xp-home,with 1024mb ram, Hope this help`s, it did me, Keep going it`s worth it,, Special thank`s to program designer`s.




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