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what can i say, i c alot of ppl are dissapointed over the pack. but one thing i have noticed. dont have a bounch of players before u install this pack. many will get errors. but if u install them after u install this pack NO PROBLEMO!!

many complains about there is 2 many codecs and filters. if u miss 1 codec dont bother downloading this. i have used it 4 quite some while and have installed it on all the comps my famili have. no prbolems. the reason i have it, i hate downloading a file and dont be able 2 open it. you can even open music from cd on pc games.... best codec that is, if you want pandoras box, its right before you!!




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Larger file MPC-BE Portable... The odd number size mpc-be.exe file is back to showing dark video, as ...
ya lo use antes, buenisimo...
The best subtitle encoding program. broken literary every time but still export best video quality.
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