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DVD43 3.9.0
on 08 September 2007 , reviewed by: tony

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i use 1click copy 5 download trial version and install first if you are not useing it already. when you ready 2 burn a copy of a movie it will prompt u 2 download dvd43. do a google on dvd43 download it and install. i use 3.9.0 version. 1click copy comes with a free version of copy to dvd if u buy 1click install it. u need 2 put in your blank dvd in writer first then the dvd u wan't 2 copy in your dvd rom drive. click start all programs and then vso then drivers it will open patin couffin drivers if the 2 drives u are will tell u media is in the drives. then open 1click set your write speed and u will have no more coasters. i use a external sony writer and have not had any problems at all. if 1click prompts u that it can copy the whole disk just say no. i use sony dvd+r disks there cheap and works on most all dvd players made. p.s on the if 1 of your drives that u are useing in the vso patin coffin drivers section just highlight click update driver. if u are useing a light on drive 4 writing u will have trouble. do a google and u will see what i mean. thats why i bought an external sony writer. if u have any other cd or dvd writing software such as nero etc.... uninstall first before doing any of the above. i am running windows xp home. i can't stress enough if u are useing a light on writer it or reader u will have conflicts with microsoft windows !!!!!!!!! gl 2 all




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