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QuickTime Alternative 1.66 Final
on 05 December 2005 , reviewed by: AlbertM

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I've been having trouble with the last couple of QTA versions out there. The latest, v1.66 final, is no exception.

When I try to view movie previews at the Apple Trailers website, I get the following error:

"An error occurred inside a plug-in contained on this page"
"The plugin did not initialize properly."

When I try to view QT files on my PC, MPC just crashes.

If I open QTA settings and select "File Types", QTA crashes and gives me the following error:
"An exception occurred while trying to run "Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "C:\Program Files\QuickTime Alternative\QTSystem\quicktime.cpl""

I think all three problems are related and I've used QTA at home with no difficulties, so it's probably something wrong with my system here at work.

Anyone have some advice?





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This is still in early development but I now use MPC renderer instead of madVR for watching HDR.
I use this splitter for more than 20 years.
cada vez que le doy a instalar se me cuelga el instalador, que puedo hacer?
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