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i'm having problems with one file that i have. it was recorded from a helmet cam in an AVI Format well the video will play but i have no sound.

i'm running a Toshiba machine with vista and the new Media player 11. i'm trying to get the sound so that i can edit this video in windows movie maker for my fire fighter buddies here in iraq as memory of we were here and what all we've done. can some one please tell me if this will fix my problem or not. i've been looking at other codecs and was told about this one but i've seen a lot of bad and good.. any one else have this problem and found that this works or something else please let me know.





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Worked fine on Win 10 64 bit, after downloading both the Image Extensions and the Video Extensions. Irfanview promptly opened the ...
MPC-BE 1.6.3.x64 Portable. TOP NOTCH! Says it all.
Thank you very much! Good days to you all, and best regards.
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