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This is my personal favourite Codec. Kudos to the author!! I'd highly recommend it.

It works perfectly for me when used to capture video from my tv card. I find that it's just as fast as HuffYUV and significantly better on compression, which saves me disk space, which in turn allows me to capture more.

I also use it to create an intermediate file whenever I have to perform complex (and tediously slow) editing operations so that I only need to do the slow operation on the video once. I can then use the intermediate file to do a much faster final 2-pass encode, which overall saves me time.




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Un vero incubo non funziona. Sviluppatori la terra vi aspetta.
The player is awesome it's the best to date that I have used, But after the Nov 26th Update ...
I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
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