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I am also trying to get Windows Media Player to play the .ASF files generated by the Linksys WVC200 camera. When talking about .ASF file in this email, I always refer to those files generated by a WVC200 camera e.g. those requiring the G.726 (45)codec.

Here are my findings which I collected through reading the various info I could find on the Internet and through my how experiences:

1) WMP 10 on Windows XP SP2 requires the Sharp G.726 (45) codec to be loaded (from usual site ). WMP 10 will display .ASF files (or files renamed to .ASX) well.

2) WMP 11 on Windows XP SP2 requires also the Sharp codec. But once loaded WMP 11 will display .ASF files (or files renamed to .ASX) well.

3) WMP 11 on Windows Vista SP1 requires also the Sharp codec. Once loaded, WMP 11 will happely display the files PROVIDING THE FILES HAVE BEEN RENAMED TO .ASX.

So in conclusion, somehow WMP11 when running on Vista is unable to match the .ASF files to the right codec. However, WMP11 will do so if the files are simply renamed to .ASX (in principe .ASX files are just reference files, not containers).

I am not sure what that means, and how to resolve the problem. It is probably not even of a great help.

Anyone has an idea?




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