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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.1.7
on 17 September 2008 , reviewed by: Michael Rudas

# 1

I have found the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack to be useful and excellent - with one caveat.

It seems that the version of "Media Player Classic" included with the package is rather old. The Secunia PSI utility (Personal Software Inspector) flags it as obsolete and a security risk. There IS a simple fix, however. An MPC fork named "Media Player Classic-HomeCinema" can be substituted, works fine, and Secunia PSI is happy with it. The MPC-HC package is available via

The player included in K-Lite is "Media Player Classic" -- go ahead and install it, but then:

* Extract the second file "" to a convenient location.

* Find and change to the "Media Player Classic" directory in the K-Lite install directory (default location is under "Program Files").

* Replace the "mplayerc.exe" file with the version from the extracted ZIP-file. This is most easily done using a dual-pane file manager; the one built in to "7-Zip" works fine.

* Done!

~~ ScienceMikey




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