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DivX 8.0
on 29 March 2010 , reviewed by: ilija

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The good:
Their DirectX asp -h263 (mpeg4 part 2) decoder is the fastest around;
their DirectX avc -h264 (mpeg4 part 10) decoder is the fastest "free" around (only coreavc is faster);

The bad:
no mp4 support - not all avc+aac files are in a mkv container so to play mp4 you'll need haaly's splitter, and the divx player doesn't support loading external ax splitters so you can't watch mp4 files if you don't use Quick Time? -- I still don't get this!

The DivX vfw asp encoder is payware and not that fast!!! So you're better of useing XviD or ffdshow's vfw encoder.
Plus ffdshow with support for 20+ video and audio formats is about 4MB, this is 40MB where have the bytes gone!

For playback in Windows Media Player (or any DirectX compatible player: Zoom, Media Player Classic etc) I recommend ffdshow + halli's media splitter, and for encoding to avi (mpeg4 asp) use XviD or ffdshow, and most people don't realize that ffdshow comes with h264 avc vfw encoder!!!




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