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One day I was able to listen to certain music files_-and the next day, I Wasn't. Windows Media Player 11, said missing fhq.CAB. INSTALL?
HECK NO! Why should I need this, when I didn't be4? So, was investigating for a few days..found out this is referring to the Mp3-MPEG LAYER III (55)codec...which brought me here
===Well, upon checking out these reviews..I seen someone mention "DEVICE MANAGER" and DING! DONG! That was the Ticket.

Sure enough I went to my DEVICE Control Panel|Administrative Tools|Computer Mgmt|*wala* Device Mgr -seeing's how I couldn't remember the other avenue's to get to it- There I checked out my audio codecs under the sounds menu and What do ya know? There, I already had this Fraunhofer MP3 MPEG codec - which happened to be DISABLED! And, there you have it! Enabled, and Cool! Have already listened to MJ's "Another Day", Judas Priest "Burnin'Up, Grinder,Desert Plains,Rocka Rolla, and Now Cheater!" HeeeEE HeEEEE!

Maybe this info will be of help to someone else, someday. Cheers!!




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it works. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
Excellent. Besides it is free. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
VERRYYY IMPORTANTTT!!!!!!! If it doesn't work, go to Microsoft store and press on Library and update it :)
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