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AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD beta
on 12 October 2010 , reviewed by: Mike

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Have tried several 21 day trial evaluation copies of AnyDVD HD on several different computers. I was using DVD43 which seems to work 95% of the time for copying DVDs. However, have run into a few stubborn ones DVD43 wouldn't copy. AnyDVD copied them just fine.

I am now considering whether I really want to spend 65 Euros (almost $100 USD for the HD Blue Ray version) of AnyDVD to handle that 5% that DVD43 won't copy. DVD 43 and AnyDVD both seem to work great with my Win XP Pro and Nero Ultra VYZ




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This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
Doesn't work! I payed gomplayer plus. On their site I didn't find a way to ask back the money! ...
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