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I first wanted to give freemake cudos for starting out with a product that has so much potential, its incredibly fast, great on hd conversion, really nice features such as bitrate, aspect ratio, and a really simple interface to use.

WOW!!!!, NO I DONT WORK FOR FREEMAKE, and whats with the 2 rating, well I have an Nvida card and Freemake uses CUDA and DXVA, apparently when the cuda is being used from the graphics card if your watching a video the same time your using freemake it will conflict from time to time and give you the BLue Screen Of Death, BSOD, and power off your pc, I have had to reinstall my windows op sys several times due to this happening as I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and verified it happening several times, apparently with someone else in this forum as well, I kept getting a graphics card error in windows, or conflict instructing me to dele and reinstall my video driver, since i have removed freemake no more problems with graphics card and have never had a problem with Nvidias products and have been using them for years. My driver was up to date and ok by the way.

Freemake needs to figure out how to use cuda without conflicting with the graphics card while it is in use.

I hate to see a program with so much potential go to waste, and its free. :( ps I have intel i-7 quad core, 16 gbts ram ddr3, 3.4 ghz system almost fairly new, so its not the pc. Oh and the subtitles should be free but come in a giant size while asking for money on this product.




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Non funziona nemmeno oggi. Complimenti . Vergognatevi messaggio per gli sviluppatori del software se non sapete fare il vostro lavoro ...
E piĆ¹ di una settimana che non funziona. Anzi direi due anni che un giorno funziona e dieci no. ...
been using this for years, great software.
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