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on 09 May 2006 , reviewed by: Jens Kikkenborg

# 1

A great, yet simple GUI for mplayer, which is probably the best video player for linux(Which also explains why it sould need a GUI for most windows users)
The GUI has a simple GUI which gives basic options such as Aspects, subtitles and so on.
Yet i sometimes feel that the interface lacks some functions, escially the subtitle part(The devoloper IS working on that, however.)

Playback is perfect! I've thrown everything at it, and has yet to find one Encoding/Packing that it was unable to play!

One would normally mention VLC when talking about play-it-all programs, but mplayer is lighter, run files smoother & MPUI just helps us navigate around the media player.

Thank you for a great program.




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it works. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
Excellent. Besides it is free. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
VERRYYY IMPORTANTTT!!!!!!! If it doesn't work, go to Microsoft store and press on Library and update it :)
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