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Gom Player
on 05 October 2010 , reviewed by: CraZSxYBitch

# 1

I'm torn with this player. Love the ease of use and it usually doesn't have to many errors but the nagging compressed mkv audio issue has really just gotten on my last nerve. Can't one of your programmers tweak this issue. I get a lot of files compressing mkv and this player has no audio for them.

What's the use of any player if you need another player to offset all the things another player won't do. VLC plays everything (ugly as hell though).

I remember when you introduced me to GOM Player. I remember so many things about you that I miss.

on 21 Sep 2020 , by WickedWizard




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Can I get a uninstall option? I'm tryna install another one and it keeps saying "uninstall the [previous one]" ...
This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
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