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KMPlayer r2
on 25 November 2011 , reviewed by: Long

# 1

Can't say I am happy with Kmplayer lately, its all due to sounds issues (AAC I think) I faced with latest version r2. I hope they would fix their problems quicker. Lack of updates to fix sound issues is bugging me LOL.

On other than there is a similar player Daum PotPlayer I think by same team or something, is getting better each time. Not to mention frequent updates!

In fact I tested on some videos using same codecs, I get less cpu usage by PotPlayer compare to Kmplayer. Nevertheless I will continue to download Kmplayer when they release new versions.




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Funciona perfeitamente. Obrigado.
Absolute real software. thank you so much. done my work within a minute. thanks.
This is still in early development but I now use MPC renderer instead of madVR for watching HDR.
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