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I have an older system devoted as a servaliance system and needed some codics to render some footage for court-room presentation after installing this software, the previously clean computer showed signes of problems, spybot found a Worm & Trogan, and several anti-Virus scanner's not just one found over 30 intances of virus's, maleware, spyware & adware and so called grey-ware on the computer, so much for a computer that was supposed to be a spy, HA! HA!, One of the programes installed with this bundle may even highjack your browser to an adult pr0n site so this software is not recommended for the KID's Computer at all.




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I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
Un vero pianto sono ormai passati dieci giorni e non funziona. Mamma mia che schifo. Sviluppatori andate a lavorare ...
Worked great 7 or 8 years ago paid the loot and a pain in the BUTT, I used to get entire ...
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