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#1 DVD Ripper 8.1.1

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 6.2MB | Downloads: 19122 4 Feb 2009

#1 DVD Ripper helps you backup your DVDs and save them in the most popular video and audio formats at a high quality level.


1Click DVD Converter

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 14MB | Downloads: 16474 2 Jul 2020

1CLICK DVD Converter enables you to easily rip DVD movies and transform them into video files for the most popular devices and formats.


1Click DVD Copy

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 7MB | Downloads: 68293 2 Jul 2020

1Click DVD Copy 5 helps you copy DVD movies fast and easy. You will obtain perfect copies due to the CPRx error correction technology.


1Click DVD Copy Pro

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 8.7MB | Downloads: 33925 2 Jul 2020

1Click DVD Copy Pro is a comprehensive solution for copying DVD movies to your computer.


1Click DVD Movie

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 13.4MB | Downloads: 33679 6 Nov 2009

1Click DVD Movie encodes your movies to VCD, DVD and SVCD formats with just a few clicks.



FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 12.5MB | Downloads: 14407 5 Jun 2020

1Click DVDTOIPOD, as its name suggests, too, is a tool for converting DVD movies to files compatible with iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.


3GP Video Converter 7.8.17

License: Shareware | Size: 37.1MB | Downloads: 136200 30 Jun 2016

ImTOO 3GP Video Converter is a powerful application which allows you to convert the most popular video file formats to 3GP, the format used by mobile phones.


AC3 Decoder 1.2.6

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 5.51MB | Downloads: 960376 2 Oct 2005

AC3 Decoder (not to be confused with the AC3 Filter) is a convertor for AC3 files which can produce a variety of output files, including WAV, OGG, PCM, MP3 and WMA.


ACDSee Photo Studio 22.1.1

License: Shareware | Size: 162MB | Downloads: 17632 26 Mar 2019

Unleash your creativity with ACDSee Photo Studio including everything you need to take control of your growing photo collection.


Advanced WMA Workshop 2.7.4

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 7.1MB | Downloads: 54689 23 Apr 2008

Advanced WMA Workshop is a complex tool enabling you to convert WAV and MP3 files to the WMA 8 format using a wide range of editing options.


Advanced X Video Converter 6.2

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 7.3MB | Downloads: 495387 9 Sep 2014

Advanced X Video Converter is a tool for converting, joining and splitting video files of various formats. Other capabilities are extracting audio and images from video files.


Alcohol 120% 2.1

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 9.6MB | Downloads: 213169 4 Jul 2019

Alcohol 120% is a CD and DVD emulation piece of software which also offers you burning capabilities.


AMCap 9.23

License: Shareware | Size: 14.2MB | Downloads: 166470 13 Dec 2017

AMCap is a small-sized yet powerful video capture application that is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.


AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD beta

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 16.5MB | Downloads: 1338131 7 Jul 2020

AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD are software tools used for removing protection from DVD and Blu-ray discs.


AoA DVD Copy 2.9.3

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 2.45MB | Downloads: 21590 13 Apr 2013

AoA DVD Copy enables you to copy DVDs to your hard drive or to DVD+R/RW discs fast and easy.


AoA DVD Ripper 5.5.6

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 6MB | Downloads: 63157 13 Apr 2013

AoA DVD Ripper is a compact application which allows you to rip DVDs and copy them to your hard drive as the most common video formats.


AVS Audio Editor 9.1.3

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 47MB | Downloads: 1388 18 Apr 2020

With AVS Audio Editor, getting the most from your music collection and recordings is easier and more exciting.


AVS Disc Creator 6.1.9

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 112MB | Downloads: 31639 18 Apr 2020

Install the AVS Disc Creator to your computer and you will easily burn various types of discs (CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays) and images such as


AVS Video Converter 12.0.3

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 80MB | Downloads: 33822 18 Mar 2020

AVS Video Converter allows you to switch between the most popular video formats.


AVS Video Editor 9.2.2

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 155MB | Downloads: 3141 13 Apr 2020

AVS Video Editor allows you to enhance your home videos and makes video editing a much simpler task.


Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 54MB | Downloads: 17848 22 Nov 2019

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate is a software tool for converting and burning decrypted Blu-ray videos to a variety of formats, from DVD to iPad.


CloneCD 5.3.4

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 2.8MB | Downloads: 44674 18 May 2016

CloneCD is a powerful tool enabling you to create backup copies of your CDs, even if they are copy-protected. Almost any CD can be copied in a few mouse clicks.


CloneDVD beta

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 5MB | Downloads: 110416 8 Mar 2020

CloneDVD 2 is creating high quality DVD backups, regardless of what you are copying, the main title or the entire DVD.


CloneDVD Mobile 1.9.5

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 5.5MB | Downloads: 45681 18 May 2016

CloneDVD Mobile is an application which offers DVD backup possibilities for mobile devices.


ConvertXtoDVD 7.0.73 beta

FRESH License: Shareware | Size: 36MB | Downloads: 429701 15 May 2020

ConvertXtoDVD does fast conversions, burns automatically to DVD, creates DVD menus, and gives you excellent quality results!

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