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SmartRipper 2.41

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 383KB | Downloads: 388172 9 Apr 2004

SmartRipper allows you to extract DVD VOB files; this kind of application is generally known as a “DVD ripper”. It can be used to rip DVD movies and to create backups of data disks.

SMPlayer 22.7

License: Freeware | Size: 45MB | Downloads: 215946 14 Jul 2022

SMPlayer is a complete media player, which supports almost any video and audio format, without needing external codecs.

SopCast 4.2

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 5.7MB | Downloads: 1591113 1 Feb 2018

SopCast is a lightweight tool which enables you to watch TV, listen to the radio and even broadcast video and audio yourself.

Splash 2.7

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 42MB | Downloads: 26527 24 Jun 2019

Splash is able to play HD AVC and H.264 camcorder videos and digital television perfectly, without needing additional software like codecs.

SPlayer 4.9.4

License: Freeware | Size: 63MB | Downloads: 90682 1 Oct 2020

SPlayer is one of the most appreciated media players supporting common file formats, such as AVI, WMV, MKV, MP3, 3GP, OGG or VOB.

SPOTxde Player

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 7.7MB | Downloads: 38697 25 Mar 2006

Still using an old mobile phone? SPOTxde Player enables you to play MMS from phone on your computer.

SRTWiz 0.10

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 38KB | Downloads: 28180 18 Oct 2004

SRTWiz is a helpful application for any movie enthusiast as it helps you repair damaged subtitle files.

StarBurn 15.7

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 19.4MB | Downloads: 2024 7 Apr 2017

StarBurn is a complete burning solution allowing you to create CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, HD-DVD media, and disc images.

StaxRip 2.14

FEATURED License: Freeware | Size: 215MB | Downloads: 186235 12 Mar 2023

What StaxRip does is converting DVDs, DVB and DV captures to the x264, XviD and DivX video formats.

Steeper 1.2

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 439KB | Downloads: 14633 24 Aug 2005

Steeper is a compact and handy application allowing you to edit your ASF and WMV files.

STOIK Video Converter 3.0.1

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 28.5MB | Downloads: 18404 11 Apr 2014

STOIK Video Converter is an efficient video conversion tool that will help you switch between the most popular file formats.

Streamripper 1.64.6

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 2.5MB | Downloads: 62469 31 Mar 2009

Streamripper enables you to record icecast and shoutcast compatible streams maintaining their original format.


OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 781KB | Downloads: 84656 1 Nov 2004

Looking to create subtitles from scratch? SubCreator is a reliable tool that eases your work considerably and helps with script-timing.

SubEdit Player build 4072

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 1.36MB | Downloads: 211420 1 Jul 2009

SubEdit Player focuses on subtitle opening and editing, and it is versatile enough to play almost any audio and video format and any subtitle.

Sublight 5.4

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 1.6MB | Downloads: 56366 27 Nov 2018

Sublight is a user-friendly application which helps you to search for subtitles online by using various criteria or to upload your own subtitles.

SubMagic 0.71

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 2.32MB | Downloads: 58508 20 Mar 2016

SubMagic is a complete solution for creating, converting, editing and synchronizing subtitles.

SubRip 1.57.1

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 1.25MB | Downloads: 316284 14 Nov 2018

SubRip is a compact application enabling you to extract subtitles from DVD files and to save them as text files.

Subtitle Edit 3.6.12

FRESH License: Freeware | Size: 10MB | Downloads: 307821 26 Mar 2023

Subtitle Edit is a professional software tool allowing you to create, edit and synchronize subtitles.

Subtitle Processor 7.7.1

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 2.9MB | Downloads: 52033 25 Mar 2009

Subtitle Processor is a powerful tool enabling you to edit, repair, and translate subtitles.

Subtitle Tool 2002.05.27

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 278KB | Downloads: 136031 28 Jan 2004

Subtitle Tool is a compact and portable application allowing you to use the most important subtitle editing options.

Subtitle Workshop 6.2

FRESH License: Freeware | Size: 25MB | Downloads: 474327 20 Mar 2023

Subtitle Workshop is the ultimate tool for editing subtitles. It offers support for all formats and a wide range of editing options.

SubtitleCreator 2.3 rc1

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 3.29MB | Downloads: 178628 12 Jul 2008

Looking for an advanced subtitle editing and conversion tool? SubtitleCreator is the solution.

Subtitles Translator 1.72

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 820KB | Downloads: 113196 16 Dec 2010

Subtitles Translator is helping you to create subtitle files and to offer formatting tools.

SubViewer 4.0.6

OBSOLETE License: Freeware | Size: 440KB | Downloads: 60982 24 Apr 2013

SubViewer is an awarded tool for synchronizing subtitles with your movies.

SUPER 2022.80

FRESH License: Freeware | Size: 63MB | Downloads: 219143 12 Dec 2022

SUPER is a complete solution for multimedia playback and conversion which does its job with just one click. is known also as All website reviews, graphics, design and logo are Copyright © 2004-2023